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  • The King (film)

    The King (film)

    The King clearly sees the potential, in a post-Game of Thrones world, for the story of the Henry IV/Henry V plays to become the basis for a gritty, f-bomb-dropping, twenty-first-century medievalist fantasy of heroism and difficult choices and violence. The material is right there in the corrupt older generation, the sneering enemies, the balance of personal stakes and large-scale […]

  • Henry IV, Part 2, or Falstaff @ Shakespeare’s Globe

    Henry IV, Part 2, or Falstaff @ Shakespeare’s Globe

    As much as I love 2 Henry IV as a stand-alone play, I often find it suffers a little when presented as the middle part of a trilogy. Whereas 1 Henry IV describes a clear arc for Falstaff, in addition to excellent set pieces for the other characters, and Henry V has a stand-alone narrative coherence dominated by a single figure, 2 […]

  • Henry IV (Donmar Warehouse/Illuminations) (film)

    Henry IV (Donmar Warehouse/Illuminations) (film)

    Following the release of Julius Caesar in cinemas last year, Phyllida Lloyd’s ‘Donmar Trilogy’ is finally available on BBC iPlayer, giving me the chance to belatedly catch up with Henry IV and The Tempest. The films, with live camera direction by Rhodri Huw, offer an extraordinary document of an extraordinary theatrical event, and one can only hope that they will have continuing life […]

  • Henry IV, Part 2 (RSC) @ The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, via RSC Live

    Henry IV, Part 2 (RSC) @ The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, via RSC Live

    There were over a hundred spare seats at the Broadway last night for the RSC’s live streaming of Henry IV Part 2. After years of being used to sold-out screenings of NT Live broadcasts, I can but speculate over the reasons for this.No doubt the time of year, the lack of a major film or television celebrity […]

  • An Age of Kings (BBC) (film)

    An Age of Kings (BBC) (film)

    In 1960, the BBC undertook an extraordinary project. Shakespeare’s eight history plays covering the reigns of Richard II, Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI, Edward IV, Edward V and Richard III were broadcast in fifteen hour-long episodes with a single ensemble company. Rehearsed quickly and recorded live, the films have been unavailable commercially until now, […]

  • The Hollow Crown: 2 Henry IV (film)

    The Hollow Crown: 2 Henry IV (film)

    Part Three of the BBC’s Hollow Crown series, again directed by Richard Eyre, concludes the Henry IV plays. Once again it is a lavish, visually rich, sensitively acted interpretation, with a great deal to recommend it. But where 1 Henry IV was full of life, variety, powerhouse acting and intelligent use of televisual conventions, 2 Henry IV is quite frankly very, very dull. It’s […]

  • Henry IV, Part 2 (RSC) @ The Courtyard Theatre: highlights

    Contrary to the pleasant surprise of Part I, Henry IV Part II was actually less good than I remembered. I think this was mostly down to the long day – it’s a lot of Falstaff for one day. I also think the excellent meal and beer of the Dirty Duck probably didn’t help hugely. But a weak link […]

  • Henry IV, Part 2 (RSC) @ The Courtyard Theatre

    After the disappointment of Michael Boyd’s Henry IV Part I, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Richard Twyman’s Henry IV Part II is a joy to watch. Fast, funny, moving, integrated and with a unique character and flavour of its own, this production comes with a massive sigh of relief, rekindling my faith in the Histories […]

  • Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2 (Chicago Shakespeare Theater) @ The Swan Theatre

    The first of the American companies, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, have been performing these two plays in tandem all week, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to see them both in one day- Part I in the afternoon, part II in the evening. I was quite interested to see how an international company would treat […]