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  • A King and No King (Red Bull Theater) (live-stream)

    A King and No King (Red Bull Theater) (live-stream)

    While there have been no end of opportunities to watch Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream during lockdown, the plays of Shakespeare’s contemporaries have had rather shorter shrift. It’s a delight, then, that New York’s Red Bull Theater worked to bring together a stellar cast for a live reading of Beaumont and Fletcher’s incest drama A King and No King. […]

  • The Sea Voyage (American Shakespeare Center) @ The Blackfriars Playhouse

    The Sea Voyage (American Shakespeare Center) @ The Blackfriars Playhouse

    I think I may be the first person to see two separate productions of Fletcher and Massinger’s The Sea Voyage within a couple of months of one another, and I was delighted to see that the play continues to hold up in performance. The American Shakespeare Center’s production was part of the annual Actors’ Renaissance Season, in […]

  • The Sea Voyage: dress rehearsal (British American Drama Academy) @ The Oval House Theatre

    The Sea Voyage: dress rehearsal (British American Drama Academy) @ The Oval House Theatre

    I was privileged to be invited along to a dress rehearsal this week of one of this year’s British American Drama Academy productions, the rarely-staged The Sea Voyage. This is a brilliant scheme, in which troupes of young American actors work with professional directors and designers to create full productions, staged in the Oval House Theatre. […]

  • A King and No King (Willing Suspension) @ Boston University Student Theatre

    The annual Shakespeare Association of America conference is in Boston this year, a city I’ve never been to but which is thoroughly stunning, and a great backdrop to some very stimulating papers. Being in Boston also gave me the opportunity to see in person the Boston University students of Willing Suspension, a young theatre company devoted […]

  • The Two Noble Kinsmen (Just Enough) @ The Dell, Stratford-upon-Avon

    Another landmark! A little over five years ago, I saw an excellent rehearsed reading of The Two Noble Kinsmen at the Swan. Since then, I’ve been waiting for a chance to see a full production. It’s the last of the plays in the universally-accepted thirty-eight that I’d not seen a “proper” version of, and now I’ve got […]

  • Cardenio (RSC) @ The Swan Theatre (revisited)

    Follow-up to Cardenio (RSC) @ The Swan Theatre, Stratford–upon–Avon from The Bardathon I’m just back from my second viewing of the RSC’s Cardenio, and it’s still great. This time, familiar with the new material and the reshaping of Double Falsehood, I had more leisure to enjoy the sparky relationship established between Oliver Rix’s Cardenio and Lucy Briggs-Owen’s Luscinda in the opening scenes; the formality […]

  • The Honest Man’s Fortune @ Canterbury Christ Church University

    I’ve remarked before now on a show I’ve been involved in behind the scenes, but never before on something in which I’ve acted. I use “acting” in the loosest possible sense, and the less said about my board-treading the better, but it was a pleasure this weekend to be involved in a staged reading of The Honest […]

  • Cardenio (RSC) @ The Swan Theatre

    Cardenio (RSC) @ The Swan Theatre

    “Shakespeare’s ‘Lost Play’ Re-Imagined” runs the tag-line to this, the first full-scale new production in the Swan Theatre since its re-opening. The absence of John Fletcher (let alone Lewis Theobald) from this tag is perhaps inevitable given the RSC’s priorities, although both are fully credited within the wider publicity material. This is the RSC’s first […]

  • Henry VIII @ Shakespeare’s Globe

    Since Dominic Dromgoole took over at Shakespeare’s Globe, the prioritisation of the “house dramatist” over all others has disappointingly extended to the exclusion of plays by his contemporaries from the repertory – a real shame, as this was one of the features that used to make the Globe such an important venue from an academic space. Over […]