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  • King Lear (Cincinnati Shakespeare Company) @ The Otto M. Budig Theater

    King Lear (Cincinnati Shakespeare Company) @ The Otto M. Budig Theater

    The world is a binfire, and in Brian Isaac Phillips’s production of King Lear for Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, the binfire came with a Shakespeare quotation. ‘Hell is empty, and all the devils are here’, graffiti attribution to one ‘WS’, adorned one of the oil drums that stood on the stage, an indictment by an impoverished […]

  • King Lear @ Shakespeare’s Globe

    King Lear @ Shakespeare’s Globe

    In the programme and on the website for the Globe’s 2022 King Lear can be found a statement that most reviews have leapt upon, noting that director Helena Kaut-Howson, reuniting with Kathryn Hunter twenty-five years after they last collaborated on a production of King Lear, was in a car crash and missed the last two […]

  • Lear is Dead (Nine Years Theatre) @ Drama Centre Theatre (archival recording)

    Lear is Dead (Nine Years Theatre) @ Drama Centre Theatre (archival recording)

    What are we doing when we commemorate the dead, when we tell the stories of our leaders after they have gone? Nelson Chia’s reimagining of King Lear for Nine Years Theatre from 2018 (made available to World Shakespeare Congress delegates) asks as much of the storytellers as of those whose story is being told. In doing so, the company […]

  • King of Texas (film)

    King of Texas (film)

    Among the many Western adaptations of King Lear, King of Texas is one of the straightest, acknowledging the debt in its opening credits, and casting Patrick Stewart as John Lear, head of one of the largest cattle ranches in the newly independent Republic of Texas And yet, while it mostly follows the plot points (and often the dialogue, appropriately adjusted […]

  • King Lear @ Münchner Kammerspiele (archival recording)

    King Lear @ Münchner Kammerspiele (archival recording)

    Thomas Melle’s 2019 reworking of King Lear picks up on the play’s promise of radical change and generational conflict to offer an engaged, if somewhat depressing, critique of a self-consuming society. Under Stefan Pucher’s direction, and across an unbroken two hours-and-change, Münchner Kammerspiele take the implications of a mediatised world and populist politics to their logical extremes, allowing a family […]

  • King Lear (BBC) (film)

    King Lear (BBC) (film)

    Richard Eyre is quite well-represented in the category of made-for-TV films of King Lear; he directed the screen version of his own National Theatre production back in 1998 and now, twenty years later and with a more substantial budget, he directs a rare one-off television film. That budget doesn’t particularly register in the cramped sets, but it […]

  • Lear/Cordelia (1623 Theatre Company) @ Derby Theatres Studio

    Lear/Cordelia (1623 Theatre Company) @ Derby Theatres Studio

    1623 Theatre’s latest production was one of their most ambitious to date: a one-act adaptation of King Lear followed by a new response play, Farrah Chaudhry’s Cordelia, with an accompanying set of workshops, talks and resources designed to link the play to dementia support and broader accessibility. On the evening I saw it, a huge and enthusiastic audience was […]

  • King Lear (Northern Broadsides) @ West Yorkshire Playhouse

    King Lear (Northern Broadsides) @ West Yorkshire Playhouse

    A collaboration between great guest director and great company can create really wonderful work. The last time I saw a production by Jonathan Miller, it was his wonderful Hamlet at the Tobacco Factory, the first time that company had been directed by someone other than Andrew Hilton. And Northern Broadsides are always a joy to watch and hear, […]

  • King Lear (New Theatre) @ Nottingham New Theatre

    King Lear (New Theatre) @ Nottingham New Theatre

    King Lear at the New Theatre was an ambitious mess. Ambitious, in its patience-stretching 3-and-a-quarter hour length and its enormous ensemble (almost thirty bodies on stage); a mess, in direction that rendered the pace painfully slow and the blocking static. The production was saved by Nick Gill as Lear. An unusually slight casting choice, Gill’s performance towered above […]

  • King Lear (National Theatre) @ The Olivier Theatre, via NT Live

    King Lear (National Theatre) @ The Olivier Theatre, via NT Live

    This is the second time NT Live has broadcast a version of King Lear. The first, back in 2011, was the Donmar’s extraordinary pared-down version starring Derek Jacobi, drawing its power from the intimate, bare set and performances that utilised whispers to wonderful effect. By contrast, Sam Mendes’ new production for the Olivier was an enormous, spectacular reading, with a cast […]