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  • Volpone (Red Bull Theater) (live-stream)

    Volpone (Red Bull Theater) (live-stream)

    The Red Bull’s Zoom-based production of Volpone reprised a celebrated 2012 production (both directed by Jesse Berger) in a fast and funny version that entertainingly capitalised on the restrictions of performing in isolation. Volpone is a play that always seems to feel timely even if, as here, it leans into the period setting, and the play’s dynamics of surveillance and…

  • Volpone (RSC) @ The Swan Theatre)

    Volpone (RSC) @ The Swan Theatre)

    If Trevor Nunn’s superlative production of Volpone established just one thing, it is that Jonson’s finest play (cue debate) demands a tour de force performance from its lead. In Henry Goodman, Nunn found the perfect shapeshifter. Goodman, a stage stalwart without the celebrity baggage that fixes the persona of some other leading actors, had the time of his life as…